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Inspired by our best selling PietraArt Travertine, this classic line brings a more consistent and refined Travertine look to our porcelain product line portfolio. Created with a rustic, yet upscale theme in mind, the product was developed to be a harmonious blend of graphic and texture.The surface is created with minimal pitting to represent slight imperfections and fill marks in the stone, edges are ever so slightly irregular to keep the hand cut look and feel. This is complemented by a soft and luxurious top glaze application. This toppa as it is called, gives the tile a smooth almost waxy feel that is comforting to the bare skin and adds an atypical warmth to this hard surface. The decoration, up to 90 different graphics per color in the 12x12 alone, give the Cinema HDP® line its “old Hollywood” Travertine style. The classic cross cut Travertine is available in 3 contemporary colors that can easily be mixed with the decoratives and mosaics.The natural brushed feel combined with the variation of the digital print makes this a great substitute for a natural stone.